The Will To Fly

The Will To Fly

Directed by
Leo Baker & Katie Bender

Produced by
Katie Bender

Lydia Lassila

Music by
Thomas E Rouch

Leo Baker

Edited by

Jane Usher
Ellen Dimler


Binding Films

Release date

8 March 2016 (2016-03-08)

Running time

99 minutes



The Will To Fly is a 2016 feature documentary film about the Australian Olympic freestyle skier gold medalist Lydia Lassila.
The film was produced by Katie Bender who co-directed the film with her partner Leo Baker. The film made its Australian premiere in Melbourne on International Women’s Day (8 March), 2016 followed by a theatrical release where it was positively received by critics.[1][2][3]


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The Will to Fly is the story of Olympic Champion Lydia Lassila who, as a young mum and against all the odds competing in one of the world’s most dangerous sports, dares to reach for an almost impossible dream.
The film takes us on a journey through the genesis of Lydia’s tenacity; from the missed opportunities with her first love, gymnastics, to her transition into an aerial skiing career of extreme highs and lows in the world’s most competitive and decorated team. After winning the gold medal at her third Olympic games in 2010, Lydia became a mother. She then returned to aerial skiing with the intent of becoming the first woman to perform the sport’s most complex acrobatic manoeuvre; an ambitious benchmark she set for herself when she first discovered the sport, and one that had only ever been achieved by male aerialists before her.
The film chronicles Lydia’s lifelong pursuit to reach personal fulfilment by achieving her true potential, on the world stage at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.
Winner of Best World Documentary[4] (tied / shared win with the film Sled Dogs) at the 2016 Whistler Film Festival
Winner of Best Mountain Culture Film[5] at the 2016 Whistler Film Festival

Lydia Lassila
Jacqui Cooper
Alisa Camplin
Kai Lassila
Lauri Lassila
Phyllis Ierodiaconou
Kirstie Marshall
Frank Bare, Jr.
Chick Ierodiaconou
Peter Braun
Dennis Capicik
Lainie Cole
Dmitri Dashinski
Elizabeth Gardner
Jeffrey Hodges
George Ierodiaconou
Peppi Ierodiaconou
Erkki Lassila
Leena Lassila
Xu Mengtao
David Morris
Bree Munroe
Daniel Murphy
Li Nina
Steve Omischl
Michel Roth
Warren Shoul

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