Otto Heller (author)

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Otto Heller

July 1863
Saxony, Germany

29 July 1941
St. Louis, Missouri

Jean S. Blair Heller

Otto Heller (July 1863 – 29 July 1941) author and academic.[1] Heller wrote Prophets of Dissent.


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Heller attended the University of Prague, followed by the universities of Munich, Vienna, and Berlin. He came to the United States in 1883 as a tutor and secured the post of instructor in Greek at LaSalle College in Philadelphia in 1887. Heller received his doctor’s degree from the University of Chicago in 1890.
Heller taught briefly at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before becoming a professor of German language and literature at Washington University in 1892. In 1914, Heller was made professor of modern European literature in addition to his original professorship, and in 1924 he became the first dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, a post he held until he became dean emeritus in 1937.

Studies in modern German literature (1905)
Henrik Ibsen: plays and problems (1912)
Prophets of Dissent: Essays on Maeterlinck, Strindberg, Nietzsche and Tolstoy (1918)

Works or publications[edit]

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